The Modern Woman’s
Guide To Menopause
Learn How To Relieve Hot Flashes, 
Control Your Weight, Enjoy Better Sex, & 
Get Control Of Your Life!
Includes Best Natural Home Remedies &
The Secret To Reduce Hot Flashes by 50% (naturally)
Meet Menopause Symptoms Clinic
Hi my name is Chrissy... I am a Nurse Practitioner with Menopause Symptoms . 
I have been a licensed and certified nurse practitioner here in the state of Georgia for over 10 years and helped 100's of women manage their menopause symptoms. I provide a free consultation to go over over your symptoms, health history, risk factors, and what you have tried in the past to help you identify and understand your treatment choices.
Menopause is not something you should have to “get through”… It is a phase of womanhood that with knowledge, can be embraced with grace. Together we can understand your unique body chemistry and support your body through it’s changes.
Our Guide Will Show You...
  • How To Naturally Reduce Hot Flashes By 50%. Learn the clinically proven home remedies every woman should know.
  • How To Naturally Alleviate Depression & Increase Your Libido. Learn the name of this herb used by women all over the world & easily found in your local market.
  • The Best Diet & Exercise Tips To Help You Control Your Weight & Have More Energy. Recommended exercises and foods that alleviate troublesome menopause symptoms and will help you to be healthier!
  • The POWER of Educating Yourself. You are part of a new generation of women with the opportunity to go through menopause in a whole new way. You Just need to know your options.
  • How To Get In-Home Treatment. Learn how you can receive The "Know Your Levels" Hormon Blueprint of your specific hormone levels and build a personalized Therapy Plan (all from the comfort of your own home, even with out insurance, and at 90% off!!!)
  • A Complete List Of The Best Home Remedies. Get a list of the top home remedies for all the worse Menopause Symptoms.
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